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Yes please! So easy. It's definitely a staple meal for those nights when you just want a pizza.

THE DOUGH: Most grocery store bakeries will sell pizza dough that's ready to be rolled out and cooked or you could use the pre-cooked crusts. If you have a sourdough starter at home to make some dough then your pizza is going to be awesome! 

THE SAUCE: Hello, MFT BBQ Sauce makes the best pizza sauce ever. Use Mild, Medium, Hot or any of the specialties.

THE MEAT: Or no meat, still makes great pizza. Recipe calls for pan seared chicken breast but we encourage you to use other kinds too.

THE TOPPING: Fresh, fresh fresh, Slice up some red onion, mushrooms, garlic, cilantro and green onion. 

TOP OFF WITH CHEESE: The cheese being last creates a delicious pizza, seals in all the goodness and gets some nice cheesy crispyness on the outside. 

BAKE & GARNISH: What dough you use will determine your cooking instructions. Bake per the directions (or of course till however long you want). Top of the pizza with fresh cilantro and green onion. 

OTHER BAKING OPTIONS: Try cooking your pizza on a pizza stone on the barbecue or on a kamodo grill. Also make great dutch oven camping meals. 

DOUGH FREEZES: If you find a place that sells great pizza dough, buy in bulk and freeze for later. 

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