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The MFT Buffalo Meatball recipe is the quintessential recipe for all ground meat. It’s been passed down for three generations in Scott’s family and was the original companion to MFT’s BBQ Sauce. This recipe is not only an amazing, gluten free meatball recipe but you can also prepare burger patties or simply make meatloaf. You can cook in a variety of ways - pan fry, barbecue, smoke, oven bake or add it to soups, pastas, pizza, breakfast burritos, quiches, you name it. Good for lots of things.

The beauty of this recipe is that is freezes well. You can make a large batch and freeze in portions for future meals. Also makes great camp meals. Hooray.

Be warned: if you make these meatballs for a large gathering you will forever be asked to bring meatballs and MFT sauce to every function thereafter.  

OPTION - MEATLOAF: Sometimes you just don't feel like rolling a bunch of meatballs, luckily there's meatloaf. Below is an example of a fun meatloaf Scott threw together. He placed the meat at the bottom and layered with red onion and enoki mushrooms. 


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